How to bounce back from a bad review on Airbnb

It can almost feel like you’ve been blacklisted when you receive a bad review on Airbnb. After all, who’d want to stay in a property where the previous guest claims they had a bad experience? Fortunately, it is possible to bounce back from a poor rating and go on to rent out your property again and again. Here are five things you can do to achieve this. 

1. Respond

Airbnb gives hosts a chance to have their say in the matter. Don’t squander this opportunity to respond – if only for the fact that prospective guests will think that you aren’t bothered that someone didn’t enjoy their stay at your property.

2. Remain civilised

The worst thing you can do is bite back with a hasty response. Instead, you need to sound professional and reasonable. If you come across as aggressive or rude, future guests are going to question whether they want to deal with you in any capacity.

3. Acknowledge criticism

Your response won’t achieve much if you just pick apart the character of the guest. For instance, if they write ‘the beds weren’t made upon arrival’, it doesn’t resolve anything for you to reply ‘you arrived four hours early without any notice’. Instead, make sure you acknowledge the criticism head on and get to the heart of the matter.

4. Defend yourself

Whether you admit to your shortcomings or not, you should obviously try to defend yourself. For instance, you can say that you reacted to the issue at the time. Or, perhaps even better, you could say that you’ve taken steps to ensure the problem doesn’t happen again by turning to a holiday home management service.

5. Remind of good reviews

Use the opportunity to remind the guest – and others looking at your response – that you’ve never received a bad review before. In your opinion, this is a one-off rating that won’t be repeated.

Stay popular on Airbnb

Bad reviews can be avoided if you turn to residential property management. In fact, a service like ETA Home won’t just make poor feedback unlikely, but will also deal with any responses so that you don’t have to.

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