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Making Beds for Guests

Let’s talk about making beds for your guests.

Prior to running my own Airbnb property management company, I did not think of the possibilities when it comes to making beds. Besides a hotel stay with a hotel turn-down, I’ve never really given this much thought. Until this past December where I realised that even amongst our own clients we have three that like their beds made in a very particular way.

One day, while checking up on a housekeeper, I admittedly even had to *call a client to explain her bed making process to me. I was so confused!  That got me reading up on the many ways how to make a bed.

Making up a bed can be really tricky, but we like to opt for pretty, but comfortable and not too fussy arrangements.  The typical style we use is the “stacked overflow” or the “full roll-down”.

Houzz has nicely summarised their 10 most popular, yet easy bed turn-downs in this article.

Which ones do you use?

*We like to host the way you would. Learning your special touches, including how to make a bed to your standard, is important to us.

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