Preparing your home for your Airbnb guests

When you decide to rent your home or apartment on Airbnb, you’ll need to have a realistic awareness of what your guests will expect to find when they step through the door. Obviously, your home should be spotlessly clean, and you’ll need to pay particular attention to bathrooms and kitchens so there are no nasty odours or signs of grease or mildew. But there are plenty of other comforts and luxuries that your guests would find in a good hotel that you’ll be expected to provide.

A relaxing atmosphere

This could encompass a calming colour scheme, scented candles and a voucher for the nearest yoga class or the provision of an iPhone doc and a gaming console. The kind of atmosphere you create will be dependent on how well you know your target audience, so it pays to get the profile of your ideal guests right before you rent.

A beautiful bed

Not necessarily the bed frame itself, but the linens you use should be the best thread count you can afford and kept laundered and ironed. Comfortable pillows, a bath sheet, two towels, hand towels and a wash cloth should all be present for your guests to use.

A welcome basket

When you’re providing those welcoming special touches, try and think local. Seasonal food specialities, locally brewed beers or a bottle of wine, and artisanal toiletries will all show that you love to go the extra mile for your guests.

Good WiFi

Unless you market yourself as a tech-free retreat, your guests will expect access to high speed WiFi. This is particularly important if you wish to attract a short stay business clientele. Check with your provider about upgrading your connection, or switch providers, and be prepared to provide signal boosters if necessary.

Added extras

• DVDs or access to a streaming service for when sightseeing gets too much.
• Board games are really popular, so make sure you provide a few for your guests to play!
• Guide books and maps, plus discount vouchers for local attractions and maybe a personal guide to the best bars and restaurants in the neighbourhood.

Staging your home beautifully for your Airbnb guests can make the difference between a poor rating and a 5 star review. If you don’t have the time to prepare your home, then let ETA take care of it with our Airbnb property management service in Cape Town.

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