Three ways people go wrong when managing their own Airbnb

Airbnb is a scheme that’s allowed property-owners to make a lot of money over the years. However, this doesn’t mean that renting out your home is a walk in the park. The truth of the matter is that there are many missteps that hosts can make when dealing with guests who are staying in their property. With this in mind, here are three ways that people often go wrong when managing their own Airbnb. 

Slow communication

The average host has many responsibilities outside of caring for their guests’ needs. This includes the fact that they have to work and maintain a personal life. Unfortunately, guests rarely fail to take this into account when staying at a property – and as a result they expect communication to be speedy and second to none. If you’re not on the ball with responding to messages and answering phone calls, you’ll find that you quickly have some unhappy tenants on your hands.

Poor service

People pay good money to stay at a property on Airbnb. In turn, they expect a good service as well as a roof over their head. Sadly, not every host is equipped to provide a service that can meet a high standard. You have to be quick, attentive and polite when dealing with guests – otherwise you’ll likely rub them up the wrong way. This is why residential property management is often best left in the hands of professionals.

The personal element

It’s understandable that hosts might take things a little too personally when they receive a complaint. After all, many people are proud of their property and consider it to be an extension of themselves. It’s all too easy to take offence when someone claims that they’re not having a nice time in your home, which can cloud your judgement when dealing with guests.

There’s a solution

Rather than fall into any of these traps, you can leave your property in the safe hands of ETA Home. This will ensure that you rarely have to lift a finger while still offering an amazing experience to guests. In addition, this will only increase the likelihood of your property strengthening your rating on Airbnb.

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