The ETA Difference

Property management firms in the city are a dime a dozen. Everyone offers property management for the Airbnb host now. What makes us different?

We care. 

We like to speak to our guests before they arrive to find out what they enjoy, why they are visiting Cape Town and customize each experience to the guests.

A warm welcome on arrival. A welcome pack with items pertinent to their trip. Extra noteworthy touches like a handwritten welcome,  birthday cards, flowers or a bottle of bubbly for that special occasion. Lactose intolerant? That’s okay – we’ve got you covered with soy milk. Vegan only? We prepare a list of vegan friendly restaurants and deli’s in the city that they simply must try. We know about this because we care enough to ask. To interact with the guests coming to stay as if they were friends we haven’t seen in a while.

We’re available.

We make ourselves available to guests throughout their stay in the city. If they need assistance with something in the home, we’re there. No dish to cook that meal you’ve been dying to try? No problem, we’ll drop one off! Can’t decide on the best way to spend your time? We’ll help them sift through the options to tailor-make the best holiday.

For us it’s about more than just great reviews for your listing. It’s about introducing people to our beautiful city and helping them enjoy their stay and possibly return in future.

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