Property Management – Does it Really Benefit?

It’s getting to that time of year again, where I start to receive calls from many home owners wanting to lease our their apartment or home on Airbnb for summer, long-term or  whilst they are away. People often wonder at the value that property management companies may bring them, as they feel they could pocket more money if they do it themselves.

So, below is an honest look at the benefits of using a property management company like Eta to manage your short-term accommodation rental in Cape Town on your behalf.

Benefits of using a company like Eta

  1. Tech -Airbnb like to improve.Constantly. The platform and tech evolves every week, making changes to its look and functionality. We have to stay on top of these tweaks and changes to ensure you stay on top of search result pages in Airbnb. If you do this yourself, it can be quite frustrating.
  2. Maintenance – One property is enough to manage ito day to day maintenance. We get paid to sort it out for you. No headaches. We use a team of trusted service providers and get things done.
  3. Money – You’re going to make more money by using a management service. This may seem strange considering you’re paying for someone to do the work. Trust me. There is a lot of work, and the moment you realise what’s in store, you’ll probably take less bookings. We get paid to do the work, so we do.
  4. Improvements – You have someone that focusses on getting you good reviews and SuperHost status. Guests can call us any time (and they do). We are always polite and friendly, aiming for 5-star reviews no matter what.
  5. Booking process – Airbnb time their hosts responses no matter what the hour. You typically have to aim for no more than 1 hour from request to first response at least 90% of the time.
  6. Key exchange – Guests are flaky. There I said it! Once they’ve landed on our shores, they tend to go ‘walkabout’ before heading to the checkin, no matter if you have a specific time arranged with them. We manage this process, but sometimes, at least 1 out of every 4 will show up 3 (or more) hours after they were meant to. If you have a day job, this will be tricky.
  7. Laundry and cleaning – Quick turn arounds especially over summer can be tricky, even if you have two sets of everything. I once arrived at a checkout on the day of one such quick turnaround to find that the guests had used all the linen in the house! Luckily because I have a good relationship with a specific laundromat, I could ask for a favour. It’s that or buying new linen for the whole place – which I’ve also had to do before.
  8. Trust – When you’re on holiday or out of town / country it’s good to have someone you can rely on. Friends or family may have things pop-up out the blue and sadly might not always be there 100% of the time. As we have a team and very specific processes, you can rely on us.
  9. Flexibility – You  can use your property when you like as opposed to a long-term rental where you won’t have access to your property.
  10. Tax deductible  – claim for using us as an expense.

We have many clients that only use us during December, and they return year after year as they know they can trust us, we know their property and neighbourhood, and we get them good bookings that look after their properties. It helps being host yourself to truly understand what it’s like to host guests, and also a traveller on the platform to understand what guests are looking for. That is why they travel on Airbnb, else they would use a hotel or guesthouse.

If you’d like to experience property management with a difference, get in touch with us.

A piece of our time, for your peace of mind.

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