Laurian - Eta Client Vredehoek

I have made use of Eta/Christine’s services as a fully managed system and on an ad-hoc basis, depending on my needs at the time. She has always been incredibly professional and completely reliable. I have been able to leave it in her hands and had complete peace of mind that everything would be dealt with whilst I┬áhave been away or on holiday.

ETA service: Full Property Management – 2 Bedroom apartment, Vredehoek.

Laurian Guy

ETA home has been instrumental in the renting out of my apartment. They are very tentative to the guests and make it a worry free process for me. I am more than happy to leave my apartment in their very capable hands!

ETA service: Full Property Management – 2 Bedroom apartment, Bantry Bay.

Manuel Koser

airbnb checkin cape town

I have been fortunate enough to have made use of the check-in service by the team at ETA home on a number of occasions. Christine is always friendly and professional in all forms of communication by combining a passionate commitment with all homeowners and guests. I can highly recommend ETA home any day to welcome your guests!

ETA service: Ad-hoc Checkins for guests.

Jean Mortlock

I have to travel quite extensively for work, and I don’t like leaving my two cats unattended. With Eta, I knew that they would receive personal care and love during my time away, and they did.

Sebastien Rohner

I loved that I received daily photos and updates of my pets and home while I am away. It gives me the perfect opportunity to relax without any stresses while I am away. Living abroad requires me to travel quite a bit, so using Eta suits my lifestyle travel needs. I will continue to use them.

Incredible service, was great to have peace of mind that my home and pet were well taken care of whilst away. Would recommend them anytime!

Chris Rawlinson